Surrendering Your Horse

We receive many inquiries from people looking for a solution, when needing to part with their horse. Due to unforeseen circumstances, owners are sometimes forced to find new living arrangements for their beloved animals. More and more people are now aware of the dangers of selling a horse through auction.
We do accept surrendered horses into our program whenever possible. But please understand that neglect/abuse cases take priority.

To surrender a horse to Perfect Harmony, please send E-mail to: to ask about space availability.

We require a valid coggins test and up to date vaccinations. We cannot accept stallions. If the horse is located in another state, we will need help with transportation costs.
Owner must sign our Surrender contract and relinquish all rights.
A monetary donation to help with the care of the animal until a new home can be found, would be greatly appreciated, but is not a requirement.

We cannot pay you for your horse. If you need to get *some money* for your horse, we are not the right place. We do not buy horses from private owners, unless it is the only way to get an animal out of a neglectful/abusive situation.

Lately, we have been receiving many inquiries from owners needing to place their horses into new homes. Since we are always past capacity, we have added a new page to our site. We will gladly help you place your horse into a new home if at all possible, but ask you to keep the horse with you and take care of it until a new home can be found. The same policies apply and new owners must sign our placement contract.




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